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1967/8 FLASH & Flash Jr Original Production Animation Cel Filmation SEAL! MATTED

End Price: USD $145.50 End Date: 18 December 2013
Start Date: 11 December 2013 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay

Filmation: The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure from 1967/1968!

Original Production Animation Cel WITH SEAL

This set of cels is in INCREDIBLE shape - truly for being OVER 45 years old!!  Truly - it's amazing - they have a curl to them, but that doesn't matter when they're framed and matted.  The figures are large, the colors are absolutely gorgeous and even better IT HAS THE FILMATION SEAL!!  It's paired with a laser background.

We've mounted this gorgeous piece of hand-drawn art in an acid-free, 4-ply paper mat that measures 11" x 14" - so just buy your own frame and hang it in your home gallery.  Note: we only use archival/acid-free materials in mounting your artwork.


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As the owner, I have personally been a collector of collections for over three decades. I spent all of that time educating myself about the fields of items that I collect and have become an expert in animation art as well as various paper collectibles/antiques. That three decades of collecting was the genesis of our gallery - a gallery that now has tens of thousands of items to offer you. If you look at our feedback you can see that we also use this account to continue to purchase as much as we sell - so we're always looking for more unique and wonderful items to pass on to you.

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