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1974 The Incredible Hulk And Now the Wolverine! Marvel Comic Group Comic 181 NOV

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Product Description
Follow your favorite superhero in the Incredible Hulk #181. This Marvel Incredible Hulk comic features the mighty Hulk and Wolverine. Enjoy Hulk's northern Canada expedition in this Marvel comic book where he tangles with the Wendigo. Moreover, things stir up even more on this Marvel Incredible Hulk comic with the introduction of Wolverine, a super agent of the Canadian government. Get carried away into the incredible world of these super heroes as you read this Marvel comic book that features a unique plot full of interesting twists and turns. Enjoy reading the Incredible Hulk #181 where the heroes don't live in a perfect world and where the nice guys always win.

Comics Identifiers
Series NameThe Incredible Hulk
Issue Number#181
Publication DateNov 1974
Publication Year1974

Content Information
Story TitlesAnd Now..the Wolverine!

Publication Details
Publisher CountryUnited States
Series Publication Countryus
Cover Brand NameMarvel Comics Group
Indicia PublisherMarvel Comics Group
Cover Price0.25 USD

Production Team
InksHerb Trimpe, John Romita (alterations)
PencilsHerb Trimpe, John Romita (alterations)

Print Features
Number of Pages36

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