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Action Comics # 165 DC Comics Superman 1952 Congo Bill, Tommy Tomorrow

End Price: USD $110.00 End Date: 4 August 2012
Start Date: 28 July 2012 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay
This is a vintage golden-age comic book titled: Action Comics issue # 165 in a really NICE very good+ condition. This contains the adventures of Superman, Congo Bill, Tommy Tomorrow, Vigilante, and more! This was published in 1952 by DC Comics. Please check out my feedback...I'm a very reliable Ebay seller! The buyer is to pay $3.50 for First Class Mail shipping anywhere in the USA. Foreign orders are gladly accepted. I accept PAYPAL! We will contact you within 48 hours after the auction ends! Please be sure to check out all of my other auctions on Ebay! Thanks for bidding! 

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