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Adventure Into Fear #19 1st Howard The Duck ..Water damage to the cover and back

End Price: USD $68.0 End Date: 9 February 2022
Start Date: 4 February 2022 Bids: 7
Country: US Auctioned at eBay

Adventure Into Fear #19 1st Howard The Duck ..Water damage to the cover and back.

Please do note and see the pictures of the cover front and back I do want you to know there is water damage to the cover and the back of the comic .. thank you ..

Hello .. please see all pictures of comic book to judge on grade of comic .. i’m not a comic book grader .. i’m just going off of what I have and looking on eBay to see what I should start at a Price for the comic .. Please ask me if you need more pictures or wanna see more of the comic to judge … please understand I do not want to upset anybody or have them texting me back to say that they’re displeased … if you agree to this then please bid on the comic .. I do not wish to ship international United States only .. if you are in Canada I will think about it .. but you have to ask .. please .. no refunds or returns .. all sales final .. please make sure this is the comic that you’re looking for and that you want .. I will ship out an 8 x 10 envelope .. should be less then 2 pounds .. I will make sure to To protectthe comic book with cardboard and seal it up inside … you will be pleased with the packaging of the comic book .. I will not be responsible for any damage..delayed ..lost ..or stolen product.. such as porch Pirates … after I ship out it’s out of my hands … but I will make sure of everything in my power to get this comic book to you.. Please allow the three days for shipping and handling.. This includes the transaction of your payment towards eBay to come to me ..’I cannot ship out until I have the money .. if you have any other questions please text me .. thank you very much for understanding ..

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