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Avengers #28 (1966) 1st Appearance of Collector, Henry Pym as Goliath

End Price: USD $35.0 End Date: 13 August 2021
Start Date: 13 July 2021 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay
You are buying from Skwerl's Comics Emporium!

No, but really, I'm just a guy selling some comic books. Most of what I have is my childhood collection (silver to copper age), along with lots I've inherited over the years. I try to grade my books reasonably and conservatively. Everything I sell is bagged and boarded, with color-coded stickers on the outer bag:

This is essentially like CGC's green label. For example, I have several silver age books that are in great shape aside from binder holes straight through the entire book. My approach is that the number grade will give you a good idea of what shape the comic is generally in, but the asking price will always be in line with a 1.x grade, if it's a pink label.

I ship fast (usually same day), via USPS Priority, and your comics will always have multiple layers of protection in transit. Typically this means bagged and boarded, inside a bubble envelope, all inside a strong crush-proof cardboard mailer.

Grade Details

NEAR MINT (NM) 9.4: Almost perfect, almost as new, with white or off-white pages. Tight, flat and clean with only extremely light wear around an edge or a staple. At first glance you might think it is Mint, but a second, closer inspection may reveal a tiny imperfection. The pages are uniform in color with no discernible edge difference. No staple rust. Near Mint really does mean near to Mint condition. A discreet price stamp is permissible.

VERY FINE (VF) 8.0: Very slight wear beginning to show around the staples and stress points owing to the comic being opened and read (carefully) two or three times and stored away with some care. Most of the cover luster still remains. Only the tiniest spine wear at the top or bottom but no cover marks, no tears, no prominent creases (perhaps 1/8" and very hard to spot). The pages will be creamy or off-white but in no way yellowing and with no darker page edges. Generally speaking, very sharp.

FINE (FN) 6.0: This is a comic with wear showing on the edges or stress around the staples. Still clean and flat with a possibly a very small mark or cover writing. Pages may be yellowing slightly but no brown edges. Above average, read a few times and stored away with at least some concern. A staple may be detached but, if that's the case, the rest of the comic appears Very Fine.

VERY GOOD (VG) 4.0: An average, second-hand, obviously read copy with marks and minor defects but still respectable and appealing. Printing luster almost gone, but not soiled or heavily stained, and no tape evident, apart from possibly a small piece of magic tape to repair a tear. There may be noticeable wear on the spine and even the start of a spine roll, and one staple may be slightly loose. The pages may be yellowing with the first signs of slight browning at the edges. The cover could have a tear or crease or the centerfold could have come away from the staples inside. No pages or parts missing, though. Complete in every way.

GOOD (GD) 2.0: A well-read copy with minor tears or splits, slightly soiled and marked, slight rolled spine or creases but still complete and acceptable. Most comics that come out of garages and attics are in this grade. There may be a large price mark / bookstore stamp on the cover, some tape (but not excessive) and other repairs, corners of covers may be chipped or other small pieces missing but no more than about 1" off the corner. Loose at one or both staples, but still easily readable.

FAIR (FR) 1.0: Very worn and soiled with possible small chunks out of the spine or cover. Some tears or heavy creases and marks or writing on the cover/inside. There may be some water damage or staining throughout. There may be a small panel or small coupon cut but all pages must be there. The pages may be brown and the quality so low that the edges appear delicate. This comic will be in very rough shape.

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