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BATMAN #236 CGC SS 9.6 Signed Neal Adams Detective comics OW to WP 9.8- Highest!

End Price: USD $246.50 End Date: 20 April 2012
Start Date: 13 April 2012 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay
You are bidding on an Batman #236 CGC SS 9.6 Off-White to White Pages (OW/WP).


This comic is part of the prestigious Gold-Label, Signature Series, Signed by Neal Adams! The comic signing was witnessed by the CGC authenticating corporation, verifying the signature of the comic artists onto the comic virtually forever, then they graded it and sealed the comic in to its protective holder. 

Also Check out the CGC census below! This comic Ranks as the highest Signed copy!!! 

The prices on all my listings have been heavily reduced while I try to raise a set dollar value of money. Once I meet my quota prices will go back up and/or non-bid on auctions will be cancelled. So if you want it bid now!

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Get it while you can. I can't tell you how many times people message me looking to buy a mag after I've already sold it!

I have a 100% positive feedback rating and only deal in high in collectibles. 

Offers on Multiple items are frequently entertained.

Happy bidding!

Issue No.236
Issue Date11/71
PublisherD.C. Comics
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Near Mint/Mint9.800000
Near Mint +9.61501016
Near Mint9.41600016
Near Mint -9.21001011
Very Fine/Near Mint9.050106
Very Fine +8.550005
Very Fine8.070007
Very Fine -7.510001
Fine/Very Fine7.000000
Fine +6.500000
Fine -5.500000
Very Good/Fine5.020002
Very Good +4.500000
Very Good4.000000
Very Good -3.500000
Good/Very Good3.000000
Good +2.500000
Good -