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Daleks TV Century 21 book proof Who comic graphic novel full colour annual

End Price: £ 35.00 End Date: 6 July 2012
Start Date: 6 June 2012 Bids: 1
Country: GB Auctioned at eBay
Book full of stories just about the Daleks without Dr Who in it. Quite old style, like a Bible for Daleks - tells stories about their origins. The book was found in boxes left by companies when Rowntree Buildings in York turned into residential buildings. Looks like a proof for a potential big book taken from comic stories called TV Century 21 (Has odd stop press bits on bottom right hand corners). Looks similar old Look-in and TV comics but without the Doctor.  Heatbound paper with card and plastic style cover - the issues vary subtly with the sizes of the pictures on the front and style of logos. Some pages have typed comments to say what should go in there (like "Contents Page"). The colour stories are complete, though at the end, a big Dalek announces the intention to invade Earth. Possibly leading into a second volume. I could not find this or any other volume on Amazon so not sure if it was ever produced.

Despite being left in a box in a cellar, these are in very good condition. The colour pages all look fine. Over 100 pages. Great stories too and lovely pictures.
Am doing Buy it Now now to clear out the remaining issues to make space in my house.

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