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Daredevil 168 / 1st Elektra / CGC / White Pages / Sig Series Frank Miller!

End Price: USD $4812.7 End Date: 20 June 2022
Start Date: 13 June 2022 Bids: 29
Country: US Auctioned at eBay

Thank you for bidding on "Daredevil 168".  Below are the publication details about the book you are bidding on:

Date of Publishing: 01/1981
Issue Number: 168
CGC Serial Number: 2123012006

Grader notes for comics less than a 9.0 are available via inquiry.  If the book is valued over $5K and we do not have the grader notes on hand, we will purchase them on eBay and share details.

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Comic Storage Details

Our raw and slabbed comics are stored in a climate controlled, dehumidified environment.  Raw comics are typically stored in Mylite2 with full back boards and slabbed in MyLars.  The storage for all our comics is kept at 68-70 degrees and yes, we have actual dehumidifiers running in the area to keep the environment nice, cool and dry.

Comics Shipment Details

For slabbed books, we wrap in bubble wrap and each slab is stored in a mylar (to prevent scuffing against other slabs when they are in storage).  Each slab will come in a USPS flat rate box.  We've used the above practices and to date have not had any books damaged during shipment.  

  • If you are buying  a book over $5K - we might use UPS or Federal Express however, we take the cost of shipping and insuring those books on our own.  UPS & Federal Express are often times better options for more expensive books and provide us with better options.  
  • If you want a different way to have your book shipped, please reach out and let us know what you have in mind.  If we can do it at cost, we will.  If it costs more, we can adjust shipping/handling costs.

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