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FANTASTIC FOUR 11 cgc 7.0 blue label UNRESTORED

End Price: CAD $360.55 End Date: 4 September 2011
Start Date: 28 August 2011 Bids: 1
Country: CA Auctioned at eBay

Greetings all...

I'm putting up a number of CGC unrestored silver age marvel keys this week. All books will be shipped securely (bubble wrap, cardboard, and boxed), promptly, and via airmail (with insurance and tracking). I've bought and sold thousands of comics on ebay and have been a member in good standing for 10 years. My feedback is 100 % positive and your transaction will be no different. The CGC cases are fully intact. Thanks kindly for looking...Please forgive the poor photos, when I can configure my scanner to create crisp clear images of the cgc'd books, I'll upload more detailed pictures.

This particular auction features a copy of FANTASTIC FOUR 11 CGC 7.0 First appearance of the impossible man.

Kind regards,


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