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GREEN LANTERN #8 (DC) Key book-length 1st 5700 AD story! Grey-tone cvr 1961!

End Price: £ 29.99 End Date: 8 April 2012
Start Date: 1 April 2012 Bids: 1
Country: GB Auctioned at eBay

GREEN LANTERN #8 (DC) from Oct 1961: 
"The Challenge from 5700 A.D.! 
Book-length story. 
Classic Grey-Tone cover! 

Fine- (5.5) copy. 
Lovely flat copy with great colours reflecting the grey tone cover.  Bright with some nice gloss retention. 
Some light cover creases, plus a light pencil date over the R of GREEN and a light scuff under the E of LANTERN, stops this book grading higher, but it has the feel and smell of a higher grade.  Also, it's tight, sharp and supple, has a nice spine with clean secure staples to the interior, and is generally very clean throughout.  Lovely o/w to cream pages. 

Green Lanterns (especially early KEYS like this) have become more sought after in the last few years and, although the GL movie recently fuelled this demand, DC's general movie resurgence over the coming years will bring Silver Age DCs back to the parity of Marvels for collectors and dealers alike. 
This 50+ year old issue is worth circa $80 in this mid grade, and that's according to 2010's Overstreet.  The 2011/12 guides give higher values now as GLs have got scarcer after disappearing more into people's collections with the post movie influence. 

Low start bid, however, with just £1.75 for secure & recorded post and packing within the UK... and fair rates to abroad.   

Please compare with similar copies in similar grades being sold on eBay worldwide, as well as through local/national stores and dealers, collectors, conventions, major internet stores/dealers and other internet or postal 'auction' sites, before bidding, as I am confident I can provide the best and most cost effective  investment or transaction for you.  

PLEASE ALSO SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS.  I'm selling a number of early early SA Green Lanterns ... from #2 onwards.   

Grading Note:
Unless otherwise stated above in the description .... 
all comics are complete and free of major defects relating to:
large rips/tears, pieces missing (including small bits out, right up to coupon and/or page removal), heavy marks and stains, heavy creasing, bad spine splits, repairs or restoration, tape, glue and so on.  
And, again unless it is mentioned in the above description, all comics are generally:
structurally solid/tight, flat, supple, securely on staple(s) with attached covers and complete spines, and with tight intact clean o/w or creamy pages.

Degrees of wear and minimal defects are naturally to be expected in accordance with the age and the grade given, but there will be no nasty surprises
Note:  if you see App (or Apparent) in front of a mid to high grade item (eg 'App Fine'), that does not mean it is the actual final grade of the comic!  'App' simply means it looks like the grade given at first glance, but it probably has a significant (and often hidden) fault or restoration that may knock the value down.  My start bids always reflect any faults like that.     


Grading generally follows professional lines from Poor (0.5) to Mint (10). 
For example.....Fair/FR (1), Good/G (2), Very Good/VG(4), Fine/F (6), Very Fine/VF (8), and Near Mint/NM (9.4) 
I use CGC and Overstreet grading criteria as strictly as possible, and based on the experience I have had with both dealers and collectors over many years, whilst amassing my collection.

Please read the following before bidding:

Paypal payment within 48 hours please, or communicate as soon as possible if you wish to pay via alternative methods to Paypal.  

International post charges
for shipping from the UK to abroad can be obtained by bringing up your country from the worldwide list.  Don't bid without checking the shipping charges first which, although accurate and fair, will be naturally higher than the domestic postage charges shown.  
Visiting to preview certain items, before you bid, may be arranged if you desire (see below)...and I recommend it for high value items.
   If you wish to secure the item at such a visit then, IF there are no bids already, I may insert a 'buy it now' eBay option if we agree a price, and end the auction early. 

ALL items will be sent securely packaged and protected, and (unless stated otherwise) via 'recorded/tracked and/or signed for' delivery both within the UK and to other countries, incl the USA.  
Proof of mailing will ALWAYS be obtained. 
I cannot be responsible for lost post (other than the normal but limited post office compensation) but you have the option to pay for alternative forms of shipping or collection, and/or to insure the more expensive items.  
There have been no problems with the shipping methods used so far, but I can get quotes.  
Personal courier or other 'pick-up' can be arranged by you if you prefer (after payment or by 'cash on collection').                                    
                  Ensure you open all packaging with care. 

I am beginning to sell off my comic book collection (please email me for any 'wants') and check my feedback for grading and delivery satisfaction.....

SCANS are as detailed and as accurate as possible, but may crop the items while sometimes not displaying the impression 100% . 
The scanned item, however, is the one I am selling (I do not use misleading 'stock photos' as some collectors, and many dealers, do) so please email me if you are not sure of the picture or my description of the item.   

Note too that sometimes my 'returns policy' gets knocked off the description, and 'Like New' comes up instead of 'Used' on the item heading.  I DO have a returns policy, and ALL comics are 'Used'.  Turbo Lister's link to eBay seems to cause this problem! 

Personal visits to meet me in or near Maidenhead in Berkshire in order to check my eBay items out beforehand, plus look at items from my comic collection generally and see my grading criteria etc., are welcome.

If you can't visit, but don't wish to rely just on my feedback, then buy something 'cheaper' first from me, in order to 'test the water' on my grading and postal/packing service.
If you feel you get good value for money, then hopefully we'll do more business. If not, I'll gladly accept any return and reimburse you. 
I am contactable on  
I've only had one comic returned to me in the past 5 years (and the cause was a perceived fault that actually wasn't a fault at all) but the policy is always there if someone isn't happy with what I sell them. 

Finally:  I use the more conservative, but oldest and longest established, Overstreet Price Guide for my American comics.  However, other comic guides around the world indicate (in many instances) far higher values on old comics.  Please take this into account, therefore, when looking at my low start bids which vary between approx 45% to 70% of Overstreet, but are, in fact, more of a discount against other price guides. 
For example, Showcase #22 (1st Silver Age Green Lantern) guides in Overstreet 2010 in 'Good' @ $460.  In another comic price guide, it guides at $1250 for just 'Good'.  Even allowing for the 2011 movie, and the increase in the latest Overstreet 2011, that is one HUGE discrepancy.      

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