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Hansi the Girl who loved the Swastika # 1 VG+ Cond.

End Price: USD $92.35 End Date: 25 April 2021
Start Date: 18 April 2021 Bids: 28
Country: US Auctioned at eBay

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Condition: We carefully evaluate the condition of each comic and grade conservatively.  If you have a question or disagreement about a grade, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We use the following standard grading scale (below).  If at any point you feel that we gave you anything less than a 5-Star experience, PLEASE contact us directly BEFORE using the eBay Hassle-Free Return system.

Near Mint- (NM-)

CGC 9.2

Very Fine / Near Mint (VF/NM)

CGC 9.0

Very Fine + (VF+)

CGC 8.5

Very Fine (VF)

CGC 8.0

Very Fine - (VF-)

CGC 7.5

Fine / Very Fine (Fine/VF)

CGC 7.0

Fine +

CGC 6.5


CGC 6.0

Fine -

CGC 5.5

Very Good / Fine (VG/Fine)

CGC 5.0

Very Good + (VG+)

CGC 4.5

Very Good (VG)

CGC 4.0

Very Good - (VG-)

CGC 3.5

Good / Very Good (G/VG)

CGC 3.0

Good +

CGC 2.5


CGC 2.0

Good -

CGC 1.8

Fair / Good (FR/GD)

CGC 1.5


CGC 1.0


CGC 0.5

Product Image:  Images shown for this auction are of the actual comic that will be shipped.  All cover scans are taken with the comic in a bag to prevent damage to the comic.

Customer Service: We are dedicated to having the best customer service on eBay.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us by sending us a message through eBay.

Payment:  We accept payment through PayPal.  Payment is expected as soon as possible, but we are accepting of customers waiting a week or two to submit payment.  Typically, if payment is not received after three weeks, an Unpaid Item Case will be opened with eBay.  We do, however, reserve the right to open an Unpaid Item Case sooner than three weeks.

Packaging:  In order to ensure that you receive the comics in the same condition that they are shipped from the warehouse, we take great care in packing each order.  All comics are shipped bagged and boarded.  The comics are then placed in a secure envelope, which is then placed into a USPS Priority Mail shipping box, filled with packing peanuts, and then shipped out.  Larger orders are sent out in a larger box in order to ensure that no damage comes to the books during shipping.

Shipping:  All orders are sent via USPS Priority Mail.  For your security, any order over $300 is sent with Signature Confirmation.  We do offer combined shipping to customers from the US and Canada.  Orders outside the US and Canada will be shipped using the eBay Global Shipping Program, and do not qualify for any combined shipping discounts.

Combined Shipping:  If you win multiple auctions, please wait for an invoice from us before sending payment.  Combined shipping invoices are sent out after all weekly auctions end.  You should receive an invoice from us no later than 11:00 pm CST.  Combined shipping charges are as follows: 

       US Buyers: $6.00 for the first auction, each additional auction is $1.00.  Shipping charges are capped at $10.00.  

            Canadian Buyers: $15.00 for the first auction, each additional auction is $2.00.  Buyers are responsible for paying the appropriate customs charges.  We absolutely WILL NOT adjust the declared value of your order.  It is quite illegal for us to do so and against the eBay Terms of Service for a buyer to request a lower value.

            International Buyers: Shipping charges are handled by the eBay Global Shipping Program.  This program is handled directly by eBay, so we do not have any control over the prices you are charged for shipping.   As such, we will not be able to combine orders, nor will we be able to apply any shipping discount for your order.

Returns:  We do accept returns on all comics.  Please call or message us BEFORE using the eBay Hassle-Free Return system to discuss your concerns, as sometimes we can come to an agreement without you needing to complete a return.

A Note About eBay Feedback:  Please note that as far as eBay is concerned, anything less than 4 stars on each of the individual ratings is a failure on the seller’s part.  If at any point you feel that we gave you anything less than a 5-Star experience, PLEASE contact us.  We want to do everything in our power to make sure that you come away a satisfied customer and become one of our many customers who come back week after week.

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