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Hulk 181 1st Full Wolverine Gorgeous Presenting Nice Mid Grade 6.0ish No MVS

End Price: USD $1600.00 End Date: 6 September 2018
Start Date: 7 August 2018 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay
For sale is a beautiful Hulk 181 off white pages in my opinion qualified 6.0 ish shape. Missing the Marvel value stamp which was neatly cut out.

This book is on a rocket ship that no one knows where it is going to end, it seemingly goes up every day in all grades.

Condition is subjective and I dont guarantee grade if submitted to a third party. However I feel that my grading standards are on par or more strict than 3rd party grading.

This copy lays flat, cover is attached at both staples strong. Centerfold is attached at both staples however the bottom staple is weak, one snug tug will more than likely detach at bottom, tread carefully. You can see on the page showing value stamp missing that you can see staple, it is just hanging in there. Staples are in great shape

Defects are very little spine wear. There is a 2 inch color break crease line in bottom right of front cover. There is a very faint residue mark in the L of title word hulk directly above the v. Front cover is more on orange side than the usual red. I dont believe its from sun or anything, just low on red when printing. There are some discoloration in the orange by the k in Hulk front cover. Back cover has small chip in top left corner. There is a faint crease line in bottom left back cover.

There are no returns. Ask all questions prior to buying. If more pictures are needed please ask and I will send.

PayPal only and immediate payment required. International shipping is done through the global shipping program only. This will be sent priority and fully insured

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