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MARVEL: Iron Man Volume 1, #55 (1973) – GD/GD+ (Jim Starlin) 1st Thanos

End Price: AUD $126.50 End Date: 16 February 2014
Start Date: 11 February 2014 Bids: 1
Country: AU Auctioned at eBay
We've had 3 or 4 'regular' buyers contact us about this one.  Rather than play favourites, we've decided to put it up for auction so that everyone has a chance to buy it.  So, for your reading pleasure, here is ;


MARVEL COMICS: Iron Man Volume 1, #55, dated February 1973.  By Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich.  NB: UK price variant.  And FYI, Comics Price Guide values this one at $42.00.

This comic book is in GD/GD+ condition.  Please study the pic(s) provided to help you decide.

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