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Marvel Mystery Comics #39 Timely Marvel Human Torch

End Price: USD $233.00 End Date: 16 November 2014
Start Date: 9 November 2014 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay
Marvel Mystery Comics #39 Timely

Please bear with me, my Internet is down at home where my scanner is. I am listing from our local library. I will be scanning and then uploading over

the next 24 hours. Best to wait until then to make offers, however, I wanted to list them ASAP so fans of my sales could be aware of them. Thanks for

understanding! And, remember, I am purposely BIN higher than I expect to sell at.

Okay, some observations on this item...


2 inner wraps unattached.

massive tape usage.

condition fair

Let me declare that  I am selling this comicbook as being of a POOR grade. That is, not acceptable for "Collecting".

Anyhow, a real bargain for anyone who wants an ORIGINAL for their collection.

How to price it? Well, I tend towards Fixed Price with a Make Offer, rather than an Auction. The most recent Overstreet I can find is from 2009... it

says $233 in Good and around $466 in Very Good... but, then, that WAS 5 years ago.

I am going to do a BIN of $233

PLEASE READ: I understand that this is likely too high for this item, however, it is expected to accept offers. So, OFFER! If you want to make sure you

get it, do the BIN. Thanks!

Bid what it is worth to you. If you feel good about the price you paid, so will I. If you don't get it, then, it wasn't worth enough to you to cry over

it, right? Win-Win! Yay!

Item ships in Archival quality protector bag with Archival quality backing board, in a stay flat envelope (USPS Tracking and Delivery Confirmation

too). FREE SHIPPING! That's worth something too!

If you are interested in Timely Bottomfeeder items, I encourage you to sign up for my store newsletter, as I will try to send out an ALERT when I list

new items... and, I am likely to list a few dozen in the near future!

Thank you for Looking!

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