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End Price: USD $29.99 End Date: 14 January 2019
Start Date: 15 December 2018 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay

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 Crusty Crab Comics

Combined Shipping Rates:

Please request an invoice when you are ready to check out otherwise you will automatically receive an invoice after our last auction ends on each Sunday night.

    • 2 standard size comics $5.45 1st Class.
    • 3 standard size comics $5.95 1st Class.
    • 4 standard size comics $6.45 1st Class.
    • 5-14 standard size comics $7.95 Priority.
    • 15-45 standard size comics $14.95 Medium Flat Rate box.


Any grade we give to our comics is strictly my opinion and is based on our own guidelines, not Overstreet or any other standards. We are neither a trained nor technical grader, we grade based on a comics overall appearance and we don't guarantee 3rd party grading results. We know that ultimately the only opinion that really matters is yours and for that reason, we offer a 14-day return if you are not happy with your comic, no questions asked.


We do allow a very generous 8 days or 2 weekend worth of winnings before payment is due. After the 2nd Sunday or 8th day, an unpaid case will automatically open unless other arrangements are made with us ahead of time so if you need a little more time for any reason, please contact us and we will work with you.

Customer Service:

If you have an issue with an order of any kind, please contact us first and give us a chance to correct the issueWe will go above and beyond to make things right given the chance. PayPal only, please. 

Thanks for looking!

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