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Masquerader 6 – Comic Book Fanzine – 1964 – Ronn Foss – Grass Green – The Joker

End Price: USD $53.00 End Date: 10 September 2014
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Masquerder #6, a rare mag from the golden age of comic book fanzines. It is flat, clean, complete, and in Fine condition. This is a very nice copy for collectors. 

The issue features The Cowl cover art by Ronn Foss and includes: “A History of Ace Publications” by Raymond Miller (with art by Grass Green); an E.C. article by Ed Lahmann; “The Earl of Ravencourt, The Raven” by Glen Johnson (with art by Alan Weiss); The Cowl strip by Mike Vosburg and Ron Foss; “Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery” article by L.L. Simpson (with art by Dick Memorich; “Dynamic Kubert Master Artist” article by Scott Russell (with art by Mike Vosburg); “What Happened to Disney’s Comics?” by Dick West (with art by Grass Green); The Joker pinup by Dick Memorich; “The Masquerade Speaks” column by Mike Vosburg; and classified comic book ads. 50-cent cover price, 1964. 30 pgs.


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