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Mystery Tales 35; Atlas Golden Age; Everett, Heath, Colan, Benulis Art (VG+)

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Nice copy of Mystery Tales No. 35 from Atlas in 1955. Mystery Tales was among the anthology science fiction/horror/mystery books Atlas was publishing at the time, and this issue has 5 cool stories--It Walks By Night; A Stranger in Our Midst; The Old Man (Gene Colan, uncredited); The Wrong Face (by Bill Benulis); and Something in the Sky (by Russ Heath, uncredited). Overstreet credits Bill Everett with art in this book too although he's not credited on any of the stories; my best guess is he drew It Walks By Night (the first story) but that's just a guess. I can't even guess who drew A Stranger in Our Midst (the second story) but it's a cool style (if anyone know who drew this story please let me know)

The book grades out at VG+ (4.5). The dark cover still has some gloss, and the deep purple and green shading stands out nicely. The cover is tight to the spine, the centerfold and interior pages are firmly attached, and the staples are bright and shiny. The pages are supple and cream colored.

You can see from the picture of the cover that there is spine stress and a very slight spine roll. There is hand writing in the "M" in "Mystery", some dents and dings in the cover, and some wear along the upper and lower edges. And the upper and lower right hand corners of the cover have tiny creases. There are a couple of small smudges on the inside front cover. The white back cover is clean, although there is a very feint crease along the center.  

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