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@S 1948 CGC graded Adventure Comics #132 From Jerry Robinson Collection!

End Price: USD $152.50 End Date: 13 October 2011
Start Date: 10 October 2011 Bids: 1
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Jerry Robinson (1922-present) is an American comic book artist, writer, historian and curator.

He was “the primary artist for the majority of the early appearances of Batman and the creator of such iconic villains as the Joker.

Robinson began his career as a comic book artist while studying journalism at Columbia University.

Robinson played a key role in the success of Batman, and was a central figure in the creation of Batman’s sidekick, Robin and worked on all the early issues featuring appearances of Catwoman, the Penguin and the Batmobile.

Robinson is ranked among the 100 greatest comic book artists of all time and many of his comic book covers are still considered classics.

He has been described by All Star Auctions as “a legend in the field and a real life Super Hero”.

Alongside the ink-on-board works, Robinson collected a number of copies of Batman 1-12, early Detective Comics, Superman and other key DC titles and Golden Age titles.

Assembled over 67 years, The Robinson Collection is described by All Star Auctions as “unique in its coverage of the nucleus and origins of comic books”.  

We had the honor of acquiring Jerry's Comic Book Collection.

Offered here is Adventure Comics #132, CGC graded 6.0 with Cream to Off White pages (0169867013)

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