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SAVAGE TALES Conan The Barbarian #1 (1971 Series) May 1971 Barry Smith

End Price: USD $108.04 End Date: 24 July 2014
Start Date: 17 July 2014 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay

When I first started collecting comics, this was the comic to own... A Buscema cover, Barry Smith doing Conan, Gray Morrow and the first Man-Thing story, Stan Lee and John Romita, and more...

Just too cool...

I'm giving this a 9.0-9.2, and if it wasn't for a nice clean previous owner's rubber stamp on the first interior page, I'd give it a 9.4... But, grading is highly subjective so, I'm starting this a .99 cents and will let you decide the grade.

I have taken many pictures of the comic and will honestly point out what I noticed as regards flaws:

1. A light mild color breaking bend in the upper right hand corner of the cover, just over an inch, but it is not a crease.

2. A very small amount of corner wear or a light bump in the very lower left of cover. Also from this corner there's a very fine line of light color breaking, up about 3/4".

3. An owners neatly placed stamp on the lower left of the interior title page. (see picture)

4. A couple light handling bends on the reverse top which are not readily discernible, but they are there and mentioned.

5. Very light staple impressions, but these are due to the way the staples were installed for this publication and I think it would be very few issues which wouldn't show this at all...

Otherwise, high gloss, the staple are clean, a nearly perfect spine, comic is square and lays nearly perfectly flat, no stains, no wrinkles, no rust, and the pages are OW-W

Again, if it hadn't been for the owner's interior stamp, I feel this would have been a CGC 9.4 candidate, and it might do better than an 9.0, but you need to be the judge.

I understand you are buying this as a collectible and I respect this, so I package my items just like I'd want them packaged if it were being sent to me! Shipping is based on location and will include insurance.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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