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Superman Adventures 5 (1997) CGC Graded 9.6 NM+ 1st Livewire App. RE-SUB FOR 9.8

End Price: USD $174.99 End Date: 16 July 2015
Start Date: 11 July 2015 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay


****Larger & higher resolution pictures taken via a digital camera, will be added by Monday.****

Superman Adventures # 5 ..........CGC 9.6 NM+ ...........WHITE PAGES...........
1st Full App. Livewire In DC Comics (outside of regular DC Universe continuity)

This is a beautiful copy of a key Copper Age book.....there is only 1 minute spine tic to account for, which barely breaks color....there are NO BINDERY TEARS and the CENTERING IS PERFECT.........I personally feel like I got robbed by CGC, as this book should have received a grade of NM/MT 9.8.... fact, I would GUARANTEE that if this book were to be cracked open and "dry cleaned" by CCS, it would receive a grade of NM/MT 9.8 via "dry cleaning", I am not referring to any signifigant amount of dry cleaning, at all.

It does NOT need a press, it has one minute speck of some sort of solidified dirt, about one twentieth the size of a thumbtack, on the middle of the back cover.....this could EASILY be scraped/flicked off with a just a fingernail, without causing any color flecking to the book....if not for this one minute speck, the book is a unquestionable 9.8...I would have removed the speck myself in all of 2 seconds, if I had taken the time to thoroughly inspect the book, before subbing it to CGC.Unfortunately, I was a bit careless and did not see the speck, before subbing the book to CGC.

MINT case with no scratches....fresh back from CGC, the book has only left its CGC issued polybag once to be scanned.

14 DAY RETUN POLICY, if unhappy for any reason.The case must be returned in the condition that it was sent out; untampered and free of any defects.

This piece will be sheathed in its' CGC issued protective bag.....double packaged, bubblewrapped and shipped in a 4 wall cardboard box..........WE OFFER BOMBPROOF/USPS IDIOT PROOF SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER THAT WE FILL :)


Why should you deal with us?

Other than looking at our 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK rating as an eBay seller, which details how accurate our grading is, as well as the care we take in correctly packaging books for shipment in order for them to be "MAILMAN SAFE"..........

We have over 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the hobby, not only as dealers but COLLECTORS as well.That said, we are able to accurately asses a book's grade AAAAND we know how it feels to receive books that have been loosely graded.

In two words, THAT SUCKS.

.....that emphatically stated, we do NOT subject our customers to poor shipping practices nor do we play "fast and loose" with grading standards.

We do not ship ANY  comics that we sell in INFERIOR mailing envelopes.

That's right......unlike the majority of "Comic Dealers" on eBay, we do not do slap 2 sheets of cardboard around a comic, cover the sandwiched cardboard sheets with a dozen odd feet of mailing tape, thereby either compressing the spine and/or sticking to the bag&boarded comic....requiring a razor blade, frustrating surgical operation to remove the comic without damaging the book........doing so is like playing Russian roullete with the safe delivery of comics.

Whenever we buy comics off eBay, we always include a note requesting a quote for boxed shipping.Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to do that and a seller was well informed enough to ship out comics , utilizing bubblewrap and cardboard boxes?

Well, so do we...AND that is why we we do NOTship out comics like careless idiots :)

As if that was not enough.......we back everything we sell with a 14 day 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED RETURN POLICY.

Don't see what you want?

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