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TALES FROM THE CRYPT # 36 1953 EC Horror RAY BRADBURY Jack Davis Mid Grade READ

End Price: USD $579.99 End Date: 15 September 2018
Start Date: 16 August 2018 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay
Solid book with a few issues noticed. The cover has some fade as seen below the P were a bit of the original blue can be seen. Look like a comic shop had it under bag with a sticker and it got faded from the lighting. Pencil mark on the P. Some yellowing of the page edges. Worse on the back cover and pages. A few light creases on the spine. I purposely used the glare if my lighting to try to show condition.

Other than that the book is in pretty good shape. No hard creasing. Corners are pretty sharp. I'm not a expert but I believe this is a mid grade copy. If it wasn't for the fading I'd send it to be graded.

Please ask any questions you may have.

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