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Tales of Suspense #49 CGC 3.5 — 1964 — 1st X-men Crossover #3838985022

End Price: USD $127.5 End Date: 3 October 2022
Start Date: 28 September 2022 Bids: 16
Country: US Auctioned at eBay

** Scanned with 2 scanners.  Cold Cathode and White LED.  Colors may appear different due to different light sources.  If you use soft white bulbs in your home, the book will appear different than under my 5000K white LEDs.  The brighter the light, the easier it is to identify flaws, which is why I scan and image with bright lights.  The book is 3rd party graded and all flaws are taken into consideration when they apply their grade and page color**



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