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The Amazing Spider-Man 129 CGC 7.0 SS Stan Lee Signed 1st Punisher Movie Coming?

End Price: USD $431.59 End Date: 7 September 2013
Start Date: 28 August 2013 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay
Amazing Spider-Man 129 CGC 7.0 SS STAN LEE Off- White to White Pages

Amazing Spider-Man 129 That Is STAN LEE Signature Series Signed, Witnessed, Certified Authentic, Graded, & Registered By The CGC As 7.0 SS

Book was originally bought by me in 1992 in Cerritos, California for $100.

Outstanding Signature Placement (notice at times that Stan Lee has signed over Sider-Man or The Punisher's body and even the faces. I paid extra for his more standard placement over the Spider-Man logo and it worked out great. Looks now more like "the Amazing Stan Lee".

+ One of the most important Bronze Age Character's makes his very first appearance IN COMICS in this very issue!! THE PUNISHER! Also, the JACKAL has his FIRST APPEARANCE in this book as well!!

+ What is also very important about The Punisher Character is that is has been considered by many experts to be the Anti-Hero prototype of Comics. He is VERY important to comicdom.

+ Fans love the Punisher Character so much, there is always a possibility to do another movie as fans felt a bit unsatisfied with the last one. There was talk of a 2014 Movie in the past, but I don't know anymore if that's something still being talked about at this point. IMDB website continues to show 2014.

Amazing Spider-Man #129 is one of the most important Comic Books from the Bronze Age of Comics.
This book just continues to go up in valuation.


STAN LEE (the 90 year young MARVEL himself!!) Creator of Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, etc etc (and too many other Comic Characters to list)


I have attempted to include many photos so that you thoroughly understand visually what you are buying and are 100% confident in your bidding.

I received this book back from CGC just a few months ago and the CASE of course looks great and the book has simply sat untouched in the original delivered box.


Please forgive me. My home needs better lighting and the camera flash is disruptive to really bringing out the best of the books. Please overlook the glare.

Please understand that the camera is pulling in some reflections and lighting lines from household lamps. As well as photographing my own reflection at times!




Paypal Only Auction.

USA (lower 48) shipping only.

I attempt to ship packages the very next day after the buyer has paid.



For comic books I am pretty much going hog wild on packing material to ensure safe delivery and the identical condition that the books leave my hands. Most of which is paid for by myself.



1. The Comic Books

2. A 200 lb test strong NEW corrugated box. (very large box for this book)

3. Packing paper placed at the bottom of the box for loft and impact support.

4. The comic books placed in a plastic bag.

5. Two pieces of cardboard used in front and behind the book like a sandwich.

6. Small 3/16th inch bubblewrap wrapped around the books with the cardboard.

7. Medium 5/16 bubblewrap placed above the comics at the top of the box.

Why all this effort and expense? (YES, it's expensive). Because I learned early on from shoddy online comic book stores that receiving books in envelopes or boxes that allow the books to move around, etc etc…makes for an unhappy buyer.

Not to mention, many sellers don't understand that the USPS likes to throw boxes around like Jim Carry portrayed in the movie Ace Ventura.



Quick payment of course earns quick positive feedback from me.

I always appreciate a perfect feedback score. If there is any problem whatsoever, PLEASE contact me before leaving feedback and I will make it right. Although I am new to selling on ebay (please be understanding), I am not new to quality packaging/shipping of items. 



1. Stan Lee will be 91 years old this year (although he is invincible!). That said, how much longer do you think he'll have the time to show up to public and private events to do SIGNINGS? Much less Signature Series CGC Witnessed. We can only hope he continues.

2. The day he stops signings (sad), what do you think the value of CGC and PGC Signature Series Signed books will do in value? UP!!

Because of my concerns about Stan not being available to sign forever, I started getting some of my books CGC Witnessed/Certified Signed by Stan Lee (Signature Series). Sadly, right when I started recently, I received some tuff news that requires my moving temporarily or permanently quite some distance and at great expense due to a family tragedy. So, the recent pseudo-panic to get some great books signed in my personal collection by Stan Lee dictated I stop immediately and put them up for auction to generate $ for my unexpected relocation. This is not limited to signed books, but obviously includes other books in my collection for sale to generate moving expenses. 

On Aug-28-13 at 18:03:04 PDT, seller added the following information:

I will also try to get USPS Signature Confirmation on this item as well! If you are not home when delivered, you need to ask for redelivery or go pickup at your post office.

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