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THE X-MEN #8 by Marvel Comics Nov 1964

End Price: CAD $101.01 End Date: 11 August 2013
Start Date: 4 August 2013 Bids: 1
Country: CA Auctioned at eBay


     You are bidding on  THE X-MEN #8  Nov 1964 by Marvel Comics. First time scanned. I have always enjoyed and truly treasured this special series from my collection. I can only hope that it will be going to an enthusiastic collector who will enjoy the "Silver Age" of Marvel Comics has I did as a kid and the earlier days of the X-Men. Please take note that it does have a "Reserve Bid" and it would be up for auction for seven days. 

Story: Stan Lee, Artist: Jack Kirby, Inker: Chic Stone, and Letterer: Sam Rosen.

[About this scan: These four images are the specific comic being offered in this listing. It is not a stock image]

     The condition is VERY GOOD. Still crisp, but the white background on the cover looks a bit off to me. Interior pages have a creamish tone. Comic complete, no ads cut, no missing pages  and etc.  Everything intact; cover, staples, and spine. A few pinhole perforations here and there located only on the margin at the bottom of the pages made by the printers' machine. Most of my comics are "One Time Owner" (me) this one I picked up at the newsstand.

My Mailing Method:

   I appreciate all who bid on my listings, and understand the concern about the safety of the win(s). My mailing practices are that the comic is mailed flat, between two cardboard-like sheets, well wrapped with heavy duty storage tape on all four sides with a label stating: "Please Do Not Bend" located on the front and back. Each item is inside a brand new "acid free" comic bag and backer board. I don't use envelopes in mailing comics for my collection is far too important to me. I hope this answers any questions you might have about "How I Mail".


About Shipping and Handling:

USA: $4.50 for the first book plus $1.75 per additional book

Canada: $3.50 for the first book plus $1.75 per additional book 

United Kingdom: $7.65 for the first book, unfortunately the postage rate goes up to $15.00 for the additional 2nd book.

Elsewhere: $15.00 for the first book plus $1.75 per additional book

These costs are until Canadian Postage Rates Change. They did this year.

Of course I offer Free Local Pick Up.

   Win or Multiple Wins I consider too valuable to be sent by Regular Canadian Mail, will be mailed (With Buyer's Approval) by Expedited Parcel which includes a tracking number. Prices are very reasonable, approx $20.00 which includes tracking & mailing fees.

   I will delay combined shipping for multiple wins, however please don't wait too long. PayPal does not hold invoice payment more than a month. After 30 days you will not be able to pay for your wins through PayPal the normal way. After payment has been cleared I will mail your books to you within 2-4 days. If you prefer other mailing options please let me know.



Thanks for looking!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions

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