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Thor #165 CGC 5.0 1st apperance of Adam Warlock Him MCU Movie 🔥🔥🔥

End Price: USD $247.5 End Date: 23 January 2023
Start Date: 16 January 2023 Bids: 28
Country: US Auctioned at eBay

This is Thor #165!!! This is the first full appearance of Him (Adam Warlock). The watcher makes an appearance as well and this is the Last 12 cent issue.

This book has Stan Lee writing and Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta did the interior artwork and cover art.

This book is graded at a 5.0 on the certified guaranty company grading scale and has off white pages. The certification number is 3968135001.

This book will be shipped via USPS priority mail medium flat rate box.

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