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WITCHES TALES April 1970 VFN- Eerie Publications Myron Fass Horror Vampires 7.5

End Price: USD $87.99 End Date: 6 June 2013
Start Date: 27 May 2013 Bids: 1
Country: US Auctioned at eBay
Eerie Publications...  the bottom of the bucket when it came to horror and gore, all brought to you by Myron Fass.   Well if you don't know what this is, do some research.  Eerie Publications holds a special place in the history of comicdom and pop culture.

WITCHES TALES April 1970 (Volume 2, Number 1).  In VFN- condition with really nice pages.  Gorgeous book and a hard one to find.  Please review the scans.  I take a lot of time preparing these high-res images and with the ebay magnifying tool you can get a real sense of each books structure, detail and page quality.  That is why I always say, the "scans say it all!"

This is from the collection of Patrick Ferry, a collector for many decades of American comics.  He hailed from Dublin, Ireland and his collection and interests span just about every genre.   For many more like this please check out my store and keep checking in on my auctions.

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Thanks for looking and enjoy!

Captain Flight

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