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Comic Book Stotage

When it comes to collecting vintage comics the condition of the comics is extremely important. A collector has to be very careful and efficient to protect his or her collection. Understanding the fundamental ways of comic book storage will allow you to maintain your collection for a considerably long time.

There are various different ways to store your comic books. However, a few main principles apply and you should keep in mind the following: acquire high quality archival materials, buy your comics in the best condition possible prior to storing them, and protect them from environmental threats.

There are several types of storage containers designed for comic books. Individual plastic sleeves or acid-free bags are ideal for comics, while highly valuable vintage comics really should be kept in plastic containers devised for comic book storage. If you use plastic sleeves or bags with adhesive, ensure that tape or adhesive doesn't touch the comics themselves. Whatever you use to store, paper or cardboard, needs to have quality which also means acid-free and lignin free. Storage devices made from plastic must be PVC-free.

A highly important point is to store your collection inside a climate controlled setting, at a distance from sunlight. The common shed or upstairs attic is obviously not suitable! Even if you use the appropriate containers and boxes these should not be exposed to direct sunlight or be placed next to dumped walls.

Another significant point to take into account in protecting valuable comic books is the use of cotton gloves when holding the comic books. Direct contact of your hand could potentially cause staining or other damage.

  • Some clean, white cotton gloves prevent the natural oils in your skin from harming the comic books you're protecting. Gloves are particularly significant if you're dealing with valuable vintage comic books. Nitrile gloves really are a common substitute for cotton. They offer a longer-lasting barrier to skin moisture. A lot of collectors neglect gloves, but for the most effective preservation possible you need to get some.
  • A clean brush or cloth is necessary to clean and having your comic books set for storage. When you place your comics away, put them inside the best condition possible. This can preserve valuable beloved issues for future reading.
  • Clear bags protect comics from dirt and wear. Polyetheline and polypropylene bags are common, inexpensive choices and you will find many acid-free brands. The negative effects? You'll have to replace poly bags every few years, which implies handling and perhaps damaging valuable comic books. Mylar bags provide you with the most effective protection. They're thicker, stronger but also pricey. In addition, they take more time to degrade.

Long-time enthusiasts and collectors are most likely already experienced with corrugated comic book storage boxes. Purchase archival quality boxes designed with metal edges. They are stronger, last longer and provide greater protection. Cardboard boxes are acceptable for short-term storage, but plastic containers last longer and definitely will keep moisture from damaging your comics. If you're asking yourself how you can keep insects away from your comics, the plastic boxes are precisely the best thing. If comic book storage boxes aren't your thing or you intend to showcase vintage comic books, take into consideration glass display cases or picture frames.

More tips on how to Store Comic Books

Wash both hands to remove excess oil and moisture before you begin. Carefully dry your hands and put on the cotton or nitrile gloves. Make use of the sterile brush very carefully to sweep away bug residue, spider webs and dirt. If your comics are very old or perhaps in sensitive condition, don't clean the inside. Carefully clean the outside only, put the backer board and slip it into the poly or mylar bag. When you're completely ready, store it inside the corrugated comic book storage box.

Keep your comic book collection inside a dry, low-light place. An additional storage room, in case you have one, provides an excellent place. It's usually darker, which will prevent you from exposing your comics to light that may result in fading. Avoid leaving your comics around sources of cold or hot air--such as air conditioners, fire places or heaters--and don't set them against outside walls.