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What is this all about? is a database of ended ebay auctions featuring vintage comic books. It is used as a price guide. The database has been updating with new entries almost every day since May 2011. It includes vintage comic books sold on ebay priced above $30, €30 and £30.

How does it work?

Use the search function and look to the results. Among other things you will also see the Sold Price. Check the condition of each item in comparison with the ended price and you can get a clear idea about the value of your comic books.

I see two different prices/currencies on some entires, what is this?

Books that have been sold on the site will only display the price in USD. Books that have been sold on other ebay sites like,, and so forth they will display the final price on the local currency as well as its equivalent exchance on USD.

Why ebay?

Arguably, most sales of comic books take place on ebay. It is the biggest auction site in the world and one of the most significant comic book marketplaces. Everyday tens of thousands of items are being sold via ebay worldwide. At any given time, there are more than one and a half million items offered under the “Comics” category on the US ebay site alone. If we add the comic books that are listed on the other international ebay sites like,,, etc. then this number goes even higher!

Why not just search on ebay itself?

Ebay will display past sales of items that were sold the last 30 days only. Our results since May 2011 will give you enough information on those comic books and of course the sold price. You will also be able to see ended auctions (and BIN’s of course) not only from the US ebay site but from several other international ebay sites as well.

What is the value of my comic?

We do not offer appraisal services. Please do not contact us via any means to ask about the potential value (if any) of your book(s). All such inquires will be ignored. The best thing you can do to determine the value of your comic is to search our database and also check a widely respected guide like the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (link will take you to Amazon search results)

What are the Store Pages on the left? Do you have a store? Do you sell/buy comics?

No we do not have a comic store and we do not sell/buy comics on ebay or elsewhere. The Store Pages on the left is way to categorise current comic book auctions and BINs from ebay. We use selected filters to propose current listings that we think you might have an interest in. When you are purchasing from these pages, you are helping this site to keep on offering this service for free.

I searched on the website but I couldn't find any results on my comic(s)

If there are no results even after trying to search with different keyword combinations then one of the following apply:

  • Your book(s) worth less than $30, €30 or £30
  • There haven't been any sales of that book(s) on ebay since 2011
  • There might have been very few sales on ebay of that book(s) but unfortunately they haven't been captured on this website

Disclaimer: does not include ALL ended ebay auctions since 2011. The database is not exhaustive. It does not include sales from other on-line and off-line marketplaces or private sales.